Daniela Berwind

  • Professor of Modern Languages
  • Division: Humanities
  • Department: Modern Language

Why I love teaching at Molloy College

I always meet very interesting people that love the same things I love: teaching and learning!

Academic Interests

Pedagogy and technology

What I am working on

How to improve the use of technology in the classroom. Right now I am working at IM and teaching...a new frontier...

Educational Philosophy

My first objective as a teacher is to promote a classroom atmosphere that allows students to acquire language skills through activities that are challenging, enjoyable and at the same time foster critical thinking. As a learner of foreign languages myself, I hope to guide my students in the wonderful journey of acquiring a new language and discovering a new culture with a methodology that capitalizes on their different learning styles.

Additional Information

Why a Spanish major makes sense for you: because we live in a global society where speaking several languages is a business skill that our kids must HAVE! Let's open those minds!

Favorite books:

  • Dante's Inferno