Anne Ceriello

  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Division: Humanities
  • Department: English

Why I love teaching at Molloy College

The nursing students to whom I teach Spanish for Medical Personnel are interested in the subject.  It's a wonderful  feeling to be helping them learn a language that they will use on a regular basis at work.

Academic Interests

  • Spanish and Italian language and literature
  • Communicating in a global society

Educational Philosophy

Languages need to be taught in content and context in order to apply the knowledge learned in everyday situations.   Reading is key in understanding language, and answering questions helps in the acquisition of a foreign language.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts from Queens College, CUNY. Major: Italian and Spanish  (took no less than 28 credits in each)
  • Master of Science from Queens College, CUNY In Secondary Education / Spanish (15 credits in Ed. and 18 credits in Span.)

Additional Information

I strongly believe that being able to communicate in Spanish, the third most spoken language, is essential in living in a global community.