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Option 1 - Master of Science degree in criminal justice (33 credits)

Molloy College's graduate program in criminal justice contains a 15-credit core, which is required of all students. Students will complete the degree requirement by selecting from elective courses which include: Criminal justice technology, advanced research methods and criminal justice internship, to name a few. The criminal justice Master of Science degree will be awarded to students who complete the 33-credit requirement. The program is designed to be completed in two academic years. Classes are offered throughout the year, including summer session.

There is a B.A./M.S. option for those already enrolled in Molloy's undergraduate program, so they may continue their studies here at the graduate level. Students enrolled in this option will take two (2) criminal justice graduate courses during their senior year. After completing the undergraduate requirements, students will advance to the graduate program, pending additional admissions requirements.

The criminal justice graduate classes are designed to conform to the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). This is a society of criminal justice academicians and practitioners who serve as the certifying body for criminal justice institutions of higher learning in the United States. The Molloy College criminal justice graduate courses are developed utilizing specialized content area, in order to accommodate the broad scope of the criminal justice field.

Course Name Credits
Required Core Classes (15-Credit Core Requirement)
CRJ 501 - Modern American Justice* 3
CRJ 502 - Constitutional and Legal Issues* 3
CRJ 503 - Research Methods in Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 504 - Ethics and Morality in Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 599 - Master's Seminar 3
Elective Courses (18-Credit Elective Requirement)
CRJ 510 - Violence in American Society 3
CRJ 511 - Technology and Computers 3
CRJ 512 - Domestic and International Terrorism 3
CRJ 513 - Modern Law Enforcement 3
CRJ 514 - Survey of International Modern Justice Systems 3
CRJ 515 - Criminal Justice Internship 3
CRJ 516 - Advanced Research Methods in Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 517 - Ideology and Politics of Crime and Terrorism 3
CRJ 518 - Modern Correctional Systems 3
CRJ 590 - Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice 3

* For students enrolled in the B.A./M.S. option, these 2 core courses must be taken during their undergraduate senior year.

Students enrolled in the dual-degree program must first complete the required undergraduate coursework necessary for the Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice. During their senior year, undergraduate students enrolled in this option will be required to take two criminal justice graduate courses: CRJ 501 and CRJ 502. Upon the successful completion of the required 128 credits, students will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree. After the graduate application process, students will enter the criminal justice graduate program. Once enrolled in the graduate program, students must take the remaining nine (9) required core credits outlined above, plus an additional 18 elective credits.

Total credit requirements for the dual degree is 155. Total credits required for the B.A./M.S. dual degree is also 155.

* A maximum of six credits will be credited to the student for successful completion of CRJ 501 and CRJ 502, during their undergraduate senior year. This credit reduction is only applicable for Molloy College students enrolled in the B.A./M.S. dual-degree option.

Option 2 - B.A./M.S. dual degree in criminal justice

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