Student Contacts

What do student contacts do?

  • We welcome new students to Molloy College and DSS/STEEP.
  • We plan the DSS/STEEP orientation for incoming freshmen and transfer students.
         This year it will be held on Wednesday, August 21.
  • We participate in events for prospective students. 

Who are the student contacts and how do I get in touch with them? 

 Paul Fries, DSS/STEEP Student Contact          Paul -
Paul is currently in the MBA program at Molloy College. 
He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS degree in Accounting in May 2013.            
Mariya Levenets, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Mariya -
Mariya graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2013.
She earned a BA degree in Adolescent Education, Social Studies/Special Education.
She will be attending Molloy College for graduate school.
Chris DeJesus, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Christopher -
Chris is a senior in the Honors program majoring in Psychology.
He is Co-President of L.E.A.D.
Anthony Blanc, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Anthony -
Tony is a senior, majoring in Communications.
Pauline Brennan, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Pauline -
Pauline is a senior, majoring in Speech-Language Pathology.
She led Wheeling the Way in February and had her "hand" in the DSS/STEEP mural.
Pauline is Co-President of L.E.A.D.
Madhuri Sembukuttige, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Madhuri -
Madhuri is a senior. majoring in Art Education.
She designed and painted the DSS/STEEP bulletin board.
She also initiated, inspired, and put many hours into the mural in the DSS/STEEP office.
Brittany Dunatov, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Brittany -
Brittany is a transfer student, majoring in Childhood Education.
 Amy Cesario, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Amy -
Amy is a junior majoing in Psychology
Rachel Staiano, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Rachel -
Rachel is a junior, majoring in Childhood Education/Math.
Jimmy Chavez, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Jimmy -
Jimmy is a junior majoring in History. 
Erica Albury, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Erica -
Erica is a transfer student, majoring in Adolescent Education, Earth Science.
Dominick Vulpis, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Dominick -
Dominick is a senior, majoring in Criminal Justice.
Rebecca Ponce, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Rebecca -
Rebecca is a junior majoing in Childhood Education/Spanish.
Marisa Barone, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Marisa -
Marisa is a junior, majoring in Adolescent Education/Math.
Claire Baumann, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Claire -
Claire is a transfer student majoring in Psychology.
Dan Emerson, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Dan -
Dan is a transfer student.
He is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Social Work and Political Science.

Bridget Moore, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Bridget -
Bridget is a sophomore.  She is keeping her options open, her major being undeclared.
Rebecca Rama, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Rebecca -
Becca is a sophomore majoring in Theology.
aJoanna Bellinzoni, DSS/STEEP Student Contact Joanna -
Joanna earned an MBA from Molloy College in May, 2013.
She is currently in the dual degree Nursing program.
Zach -
Zach is sophomore majoring in Psychology.



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Former Student Contacts
Graduates of Molloy College

Samantha Kahn, former DSS/STEEP Student Contact
Sam was one of the original Student Contacts.  She graduated in May, 2012.
She earned a BS degree in Psychology, with a minor in Speech Language Pathology.


Sara Papasodero, Former Student Contact
Sara -

Sara graduated Magna Cum Laude in May, 2013.
She earned a BS degree in Childhood Education,English/Special Education.

 Cristina Trevino-Gutierrez, former DSS/STEEP Student Contact

Cristina graduated Cum Laude in May, 2013.
She earned a BS degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry.

What if I want to be a student contact?

To be a student contact, you must

  • Be a current student student in good standing
  • Be registered with DSS/STEEP
  • Be available to attend periodic meetings
  • Be willing to share your name and email address with incoming students
  • Have a desire to share your experience with others.