Academic Integrity

The purpose of this Academic Integrity section of the website is to assist all members of the Molloy College community in maintaining and supporting academic integrity. Use the menu to select the section of the website that applies to your needs whether you are a student or an instructor. You can connect to the required student tutorial or link to useful information as well. Problems involving academic integrity are preventable.

Top Ten Ways to Meet the Associate Dean for Academic Services:

1. Copy your work from the internet.

2. Copy from another student's paper during an exam.

3. Neglect to use quotes when using someone else's words.

4. Neglect to paraphrase when using someone else's ideas.

5. Copy from a "cheat sheet" during an exam (written notes, cell phone, etc.).

6. Hand in someone else's work.

7. Reuse papers for different classes.

8. Allow others to use your work for assignments or during exams.

9. Make up information or data for a research paper or lab report.

10. Just stop in to say hello!

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