Wifi Printing Instructions

Wireless printing made easy

Molloy's wireless printing, web print and mobile print release service (Beta version).

Molloy now utilizes PaperCut, a print management solution that allows wireless devices to print to Molloy Google cloud printers.

Once a document is sent to print wirelessly, the document is automatically held in queue until the student releases the document.

Molloy's web print service allows students to print from their laptops on campus without the need to install any apps, drivers or utilities. (Accessible from some mobile devices). Accessible only to students via the wireless network "WiFiPrint" and the wifiprint.molloy.edu URL.

Google allows users to print documents using their integrated apps from anywhere at any time. This service allows Molloy's students to print wirelessly to campus printers using Google Cloud Print. Utilizing the Chrome Browser, you can print to any selected Molloy Google Cloud Print printer.

Google Drive, like popular Dropbox, allows students to create, share and save data in one location across all devices.

These services are all built into your lions.molloy.edu accounts.

Devon Brown, Associate Network Administrator
Kellenberg Rm. K-11/K-13
Office: 516.323-4821
Fax: 516.323.4859
1000 Hempstead Ave.
Rockville Centre, NY 11571-5002