Vice President's Message

The Department of Information Technology, Planning and Research at Molloy College is an integrated support unit whose responsibility is to provide the tools and connectivity to enable the campus to achieve its aspirations of regional prominence as a comprehensive, masters-granting institution.

By integrating the areas of information technology, strategic planning and institutional research, Molloy College has taken a unique and distinctive approach to managing the College's information resources. This combination provides the three legs of the information triangle - creation, manipulation and decision - resulting in reliable, consistent and accurate use of Molloy's information. Molloy has provided a superior base on which to provide support.

The goal of our unit is ubiquitous and transparent information and technology support. Transparent technology support means that all campus constituents (students, faculty and staff) have the appropriate level of technology support to enable them to perform their expected duties. To achieve this goal we work to create and maintain a flexible, responsive, service-oriented organization to support the needs of Molloy College. Our strategy is to create an agreed-upon and recognized service portfolio which allows expected levels of support for technology products.

The focus of the organization is customer service. By providing resources to support sustainable, ubiquitous and transparent information technology presence on campus the unit is able to maintain this high level of support.

The culmination of a service model is to assess ongoing needs, thus we are creating a mechanism to measure present use and estimate future technology needs based upon patterns of use, input from the community and anticipation of future directions. We are also quantifying the level to which needs are being met.

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