Lost and Found

Many items are lost and found throughout the campus. We ask that any items found be described in an email to Keith Redo at kredo@molloy.edu for posting here. Please do not send mass netmail blasts.

Items lost or found

  1. Lost: Black North Face backpack. Lost possibly in the Public Square or the basement of Casey. If found, please email snorvell@lions.molloy.edu.
  2. Lost: One black fitbit. Most likely in the Public Square. If found please email Kelsey Alvarez at kelsey.alvarez@gmail.com.
  3. Lost: 64 ounce hydroflask in W 127. If found,  please call 516.784.8946.
  4. Lost: Student ID. Lost in either in PS 60, Hayes theatre or Siena 107. 301.302.6026 text number - if found.
  5. Lost: Cell Phone. Most likely in Casey 219. If found, please call Joan at 323.3658.
  6. Lost: Gold leaf eearing with pearl  - most likely in the Public Square at the Gala. If found please contact, Emelie Sair at esair16634@aol.com.
  7. Lost: USB connector cable for a remotely controlled presentation device. Possibly left in K006 on or about 11/30.  Also, a flash drive was left in the classroom as well. If either are found, please contact Sister Rita at rvanson@molloy.edu.

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