Lost and Found

Many items are lost and found throughout the campus. We ask that any items found be described in an email to Keith Redo at kredo@molloy.edu for posting here. Please do not send mass netmail blasts.

Items lost or found

  1. Lost: HP financial calculator. Second floor, Public Square. If found, please call 347.328.3045.
  2. Lost: Volkswagen car keys. Please return to room K06/K106 or call Emily Anachlowar 504.289.7770 or leave in my box in K101. 
  3. Found: Macbook charger in a classroom. If it is yours, please contact 917.921.1871.
  4. Lost: Purple/silver flash drive (with Molloy Handbook written on it). Second floor Public Square. If found, please email jwaldvogel@lions.molloy.edu.
  5. Lost: Black flashdrive attached to red Molloy College lanyard. Possibly lost in the Public Square. If found, please email me at dlupeke@lions.molloy.edu.
  6. Lost: North Babylon class ring. If found please email cortiz@lions.molloy.edu.
  7. Lost: Two silver rings with green stones in the upstairs Kellenburg bathroom. Please email fminucci@lions.molloy.edu if found.
  8. Lost: Reading glasses and contact lens case. Most likely left in the JET Library.

Report a lost or found item