Records Management

At Molloy, records management services are provided by the Archives and Records Center. Molloy is committed to meeting our obligations for compliance in our record keeping and destruction practices and recognizes the importance of preserving our history for the future benefit of our community.

Under the direction of the College Archivist and Records Manager this program has been established to develop cost-effective and efficient strategies for the management of records created, received and maintained by the college.

The Records Center

Adjacent to the archives office and research room we maintain a limited area for the onsite storage of records. This space is primarily reserved for records being prepared for or returning from off-site storage. The bulk of our records are maintained in an off-campus records storage facility.

Using the Records Center

All academic and administrative offices are encouraged to participate in using off-site records storage for their inactive records storage needs. There are many benefits to using these services - among these are regaining valuable on campus office and storage space, as well as low or no cost, documented destruction services when records are eligible for destruction.  Contact the Archivist and Records Manager for more information on how college offices can benefit from records management services.

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